Braxton Hicks; Your body's rehearsal for birth.

Experiencing pregnancy brings a whole myriad of feelings, sensations, and even a few rehearsals! Yes, rehearsals. We’re talking about Braxton Hicks contractions - those curious, sometimes confusing, practice contractions that many expectant mamas feel. Let's unpack what they are, why they matter, and how Pure Mama can support you on this journey.



Braxton Hicks are often referred to as “false labour” contractions. They're your body's way of preparing for the real deal. These contractions are typically painless and irregular, occurring sporadically from the second trimester onwards. Think of them as dress rehearsals for your uterus, getting toned and ready for the main event: childbirth.

 Braxton Hicks


While Braxton Hicks are usually harmless, understanding their nature helps differentiate them from true labour contractions. Here are a few key differences:

  • Frequency: Braxton Hicks are irregular and infrequent, while true labour gets more regular and closer together over time.
  • Intensity: True labour contractions steadily increase in intensity; Braxton Hicks tend to be mild.
  • Duration: Braxton Hicks often disappear with movement or a change in position, whereas real contractions persist and intensify.



The causes of Braxton Hicks contractions are varied, with pregnancy itself being a common trigger. Here’s what specialists believe to be the primary catalysts for these practice contractions:

  • Hydration Levels: Notably, inadequate hydration can lead to Braxton Hicks contractions. The brain’s thirst centre is adjacent to the region that signals your uterus to contract, so a signal mix-up can occur when you're low on fluids, leading to contractions. 

  • Urinary Tract Infections: UTIs might provoke Braxton Hicks contractions. The good news is they typically resolve once the UTI is treated.

  • Physical Exertion: Engaging in too much physical activity can set off Braxton Hicks contractions. Prolonged standing or walking could be enough to trigger them. If contractions begin after activity, it's suggested to rest and see if they decrease.

  • Intimacy: It’s not uncommon for some women to feel Braxton Hicks contractions during or following sexual activity. Orgasm releases oxytocin, a hormone that can cause muscular contractions, and the physical exertion of sex might also trigger these contractions, which are generally mild and tend to ease shortly after the activity.



As you navigate through these trial runs, comfort is key. It’s important to stay hydrated, practice relaxation techniques, and ensure you’re using products that are safe and soothing for your changing body. This is where Pure Mama comes in.


Hydration station: Our skin is the largest organ and keeping it hydrated, especially during pregnancy, can influence your overall comfort. Our Belly and Body Oil is enriched with natural ingredients designed to soothe your stretching skin, providing comfort that will give you peace of mind knowing you're preparing for your baby's arrival. Your skin's elasticity is also put to the test in pregnancy. Our Belly Oil is crafted to support your skin's flexibility, with a blend of vitamins and oils that cater to the needs of stressed, stretching skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Relax and rejuvenate: When Braxton Hicks strike, relaxation is your ally. Our Magnesium Body Rub can help ease your tense muscles and calm your mind, ensuring that your body isn’t just practicing for labour, but also mastering the art of relaxation.

Magnesium Body Rub

Natural and nurturing: Every ingredient in our products is carefully selected, natural, and safe for both mama and baby. Our commitment to organic and natural ingredients means you can focus on your prenatal journey without worrying about harmful chemicals.

As you experience the ups and downs of pregnancy, remember, Braxton Hicks are your body's way of preparing you for one of life's most miraculous events. Embrace them...