Why we don't use Lanolin in our Nipple Butter.



So, you have likely seen a lot of Lanolin based nipple creams out there. You are probably wondering why we haven’t use it in our products give it is widely available and in some of the best-known creams. Here is a little bit about why we choose to omit this common ingredient.

  • It is animal based (from sheep’s wool) which we aren’t huge fans of when it comes to putting it on your body and a new born potentially ingesting it
  • It is often quite sticky and takes a while to absorb into the skin
  • It doesn’t offer a lot more than forming a protective barrier. It doesn’t actively help repair and moisturise skin. You can get the best of both worlds with a natural option.
  • It can cause minor allergenic reactions for some woman. As if your nips haven’t had enough!

Firstly, what is Lanolin?

In its purest form it is the natural wax coating on sheep’s wool that is extracted by boiling the wool and separating out the wax. We know that often sheep’s wool is treated (to avoid parasites) and with this comes chemicals such as lindane and diazinon. Even when the wool is boiled, it can still leave traces of these chemicals and since we are committed to avoiding toxins in our products, we have chosen not to use this ingredient.

Is Lanolin more effective than a plant-based balm?

Essential a nipple cream/butter is a form of protective barrier for your nipple. There are many different wax-based barriers (natural, animal, or synthetic) that can help to protect your nipple. Lanolin is the common animal-based product whilst beeswax is the common natural product. Their protective and repellent properties are very similar however a plant based blend, when mixed with other restorative and powerful ingredients (i.e. Marshmallow root, Coconut oil, Calendula) can be more effective to help repair cracked, raw skin and can be antimicrobial. It’s a no brainer for us to opt for the more natural option to help protect, soothe and restore our nipples when breastfeeding.

Could I have a reaction to Lanolin?

Some people naturally have a sensitivity to wool so Lanolin may not be the best option. It can sometimes cause an itchy or tingling feeling that may result it further pain. We want to prevent any woman from experiencing this which is why we have opted for a hypoallergic 100% natural based blend. It is safe for your and for baby, meaning there’s no need to wash off before feeding.

But hospitals use Lanolin, surely its safe?

Lanolin is widely available in hospitals and can be effective at providing a protective barrier for your nipple. It has been widely used for a long time and is considered low risk. Many women often don’t know there are more natural based products that offer the same benefits whilst helping to repair and nourish the skin at the same time. We believe mothers should be informed about all their options and use the product best suited to them.

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