Nipple Butter - Lactation Consultant Recommended


One of New Zealand's leading Lactation Consultants, highly recommends the Pure Mama Nipple Butter as proven, natural Nipple protective barrier that also aids in the healing process.

Our bodies truly need us differently throughout this journey and ensuring we are nourishing it along the way with the right products is absolutely essential.

Libby's advice on breastfeeding in the early days:

"Sore, tender nipples are very common in the earlier stages of breastfeeding and Pure Mama Nipple Butter is incredibly effective and soothing. Mamas have said it helps keep nipples moist while healing and adjusting to the new rigors of breastfeeding"

"I am always advising my patients/clients to stay away from any chemicals and any unnatural ingredients for themselves and their newborn. Whilst there is product out there, this is the first time a brand has really stood out to me and delivers what they say it will do and more"


A range of skincare that is expert recommended. 

Libby notes that this is a brand that trust and all MAMAS and MAMAS to be can 100% trust when using throughout their journey. It is not only luxurious and 100% natural, but it really works"