Our Products


Central to our skincare philosophy is a dedication to purpose-driven natural products designed for the beautiful, albeit often challenging, journey of pregnancy and postpartum. We understand it intimately, having been there ourselves, so we grasp the unique needs of expectant and new mothers. Our formulations are meticulously developed to provide women with naturally luxurious, high-quality products that prioritise safety and quality.


The cornerstone of our brand lies in the excellence and integrity of our products. We begin with top-tier ingredients, and we uphold unwavering standards in our formulations. Our product line is expertly designed to nurture the body's natural growth during both pregnancy and the postpartum period.

We understand the significance of what goes on your body. Therefore, we maintain a strict commitment to honesty and product integrity , ensuring our products are safe and free from harmful chemicals or toxins.

Our Promises

Naturally Powered

We harness the power of nature and its remarkable botanical ingredients. We know that everything you put on your body matters and nature is the absolute best place to start. We do not use any by-products of animals nor do we condone the testing of any products on animals.

Gentle on Skin

Our products have been formulated to be gentle on skin with all-natural botanical blends. We ensure that all products are free from any nasty chemicals or synthetic ingredients that could cause irritation or discomfort. Our products nourish the skin and leave it feeling restored and replenished.

Made in NZ

We are proud to be 100% made in New Zealand. Ingredients are sourced both locally and internationally, ensuring we obtain premium quality raw products. We have researched, refined, and tested our blends locally to ensure quality, safety and fitness for purpose.

No Parabens

Making sure Mama and baby are safe throughout pregnancy and post-partum is vital to our product formulation. Our products are free from any nasties including Parabens, Petrochemicals, Palm Oil, Synthetic Fragrances and more.

Certified Organic

Organic products are used wherever possible and we are always striving to use organic ingredients. This means that in every product, where we can source the ingredient as organic, we have. Unfortunately, at this stage, not everything that is organic is safe for use when blended so we have opted for natural or naturally derived substitutes for some ingredients.


We have thought long and hard about every single aspect of our skincare packaging. Reducing waste and encouraging recycling were pivotal in our packaging design and production. You will find that 90% of our packaging is either recyclable, made from recycled products or meant to be kept.

Pregnancy Safe

This was an absolute must in our product development. Our ingredients have been carefully considered to ensure they are low allergen and gentle on skin. We have steered clear of any nasty toxic ingredients and made sure that we do not use by-products of animals. We encourage Mamas to patch test first, especially if you have known allergies. If any reaction or irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Cruelty Free

We ensure cruelty-free choices are made throughout our supply and product development chain. All of our product testing is conducted in controlled conditions in a world-class laboratory in New Zealand.

A new benchmark for naturally luxurious skincare.