Navigating Pregnancy's Heightened Sense of Smell During Christmas

Pregnancy is a time of immense change, not just physically but also in how you experience the world around you. One of the most significant changes many expectant mamas notice is a heightened sense of smell. This sensitivity can make navigating the holiday season, particularly Christmas with its myriad of scents, both challenging and overwhelming.

Let's make sure you enjoy the festive season comfortably.


During pregnancy, hormonal changes can amplify your sense of smell, making you more sensitive to odours. This heightened sense of smell, or hyperosmia, is most common in the first trimester but can occur at any time during pregnancy. While it's a natural part of the pregnancy experience, it can sometimes lead to nausea or aversion to certain scents.


  1. Opt for mild and natural scents: Strong artificial fragrances can be overwhelming. Choose decorations or candles with mild, natural scents.

  2. Ventilation is key: Ensure your home is well-ventilated, especially when cooking Christmas meals. Open windows or use internal ventilation systems to diffuse strong food odours.

  3. Create a scent-free zone: Have a designated area in your home that's free from scented air fresheners, and other fragrant decorations. This can be your go-to place for a breath of fresh air.

  4. Communicate with loved ones: Let family and friends know about your sensitivity to scents. They'll likely be understanding and may even make their homes more comfortable for you during holiday visits.

  5. Plan outdoor activities: Fresh air can be incredibly relieving. Plan some outdoor Christmas activities, like a walk in a nearby park, to escape indoor scents.

  6. Opt for natural skincare products: Those that are safe for pregnancy and are free from strong fragrances, like Pure Mama Belly Oil, or Magnesium Rub.

Navigating a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy can be challenging, especially during the scent-filled Christmas season. By adopting these simple strategies, you can enjoy the festivities without discomfort. Happy holidays Mamas! xx